Hear cut off breakcore legend Duran Duran Duran’s new LP ‘Duran’

New LP by breakcore legend Ed Flis gets the job done. If you’re already a fan of breakcore, with all of its glorious breaks and cores, then this new Duran Duran Duran release is surely for you. Personally, though still,  within reason, enjoying the way those beats thump and the acid pummels, it can all be a bit too much overload pretty quickly. The samples become more cliché the more one hears this stuff, too. Although breakcore isn’t the only genre guilt of such a thing. Can now begin to see where my parents were coming from when they demanded I lower the volume– or better still, turn that damn thing off!!– back in the day. Maybe breakcore’s the sort of thing we all grow out of eventually. Still, a fun and frolicking hard-hitting sound it still is. Even if the emotional response is something more lacklustre in 2017.

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Music with a coffee #9: John Lee Hooker — ‘Sally Mae’

Pourin’ it in a North Mississippi rugged ‘n’ real stylee…

Classic rugged-soul electric blues from the peerless Mississippi born guitarist John Lee Hooker (whom died 2001). The style of course timeless, a sound most famously updated during previous decade by Jack White’s the White Stripes. According to the Allmusic website, Hooker on 1964 cut Sally Mae “extends the meter to suit the story he is tellin'”. Wonderful.

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Sound Is Art #7: Locust — ‘Truth Is Born of Arguments’


Artist: Mark van Hoen and friends

Title: ‘Truth Is Born Of Arguments’

Label: R&S (1995)

Artwork: Model, Sarah Pritchard; photography, Richard Weedon

Brief appraisal 

‘TIBOA’ was a bleak, concrete accompaniment to Portishead’s crossover, smoky trip-hop. A record ahead of its time, that often doesn’t seem to get the credit assigned to it that it truly deserves. When you see those ‘best albums of the nineties’ lists, this record is almost always missing. But then, you only need to listen to it once to ask yourself why it’s not on there. There are a host of reasons for this, from the LP possibly not appearing high in the records that the cartel-of-interests care much about, to maybe its creators not bothering too much with the playing of the publicity game. Still, ‘TIBOA’ remains, for those of us who only care about the music, as fresh and forceful, as strange and distinctive today as it did upon release– via R&S, no less– back in 1995. Boomkat said the record’s “heavy digital treatments collide with deliberately emotive song titles”, while we have this from Record Mirror: ….’bloody experimental music, what a load of nonsense”, the stupid thing turns out to be a brilliant album that is far more listenable and fascinating than a thousand other samey trip hop/chill out/dubby half-hearted attempts”.

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Shoegaze Playlist: 10 of the Best


Despite a tendency for the new wave of music and beat reviewers (and some older who should perhaps know better) to still refer to new bands as ‘shoegaze’, it must be pointed out that more often than not these are usually shit bands using wishy-washy synth effects, that sound nothing in common to the secret-ingredient, layers of complex guitar experimentation noise of My bloody Valentine, the same acts whom often we’re told sound like My Bloody Valentine. NO THEY DON’T!!! Continue reading

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Grizzly Bear — ‘Painted Ruins’


Despite some in the press trying to make interesting, complex people out of a group like Brooklyn’s Grizzly Bear, it’s closer to fact to say that this is just another unstimulating indie band with normal monotonous lives and strange hair, whom play a bit of music in their spare time and, lucky for them, make a bit of money from their hobby of choice. Continue reading

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Music with a coffee #8: Punk Floyd — ‘Top Banana’

Pourin’ it in a kickalong acid stylee…

According to the ever reliable Discogs ‘Punk Floyd Have Landed’ dropped on CD format only via Smitten in 1998. Despite this writer nowadays barely purchasing CDs, this item looks like one to add to the list of records to get hold of. Twelve tracks clocking it at around a whopping 75-minutes. Sounds like fun.

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Vinyl Pickup: Original copy of Mike Oldfield’s ‘Tubular Bells’


Derry’s Abbazappa Records (great name) can be found taking up space at Yellow Yard of Palace St., a kind of warehouse cum marquee, sharing floorspace with a cafe, vintage clothes, and a book shop. Filled with vinyl, from sixties psychedelia through to nineties house (as well as a selection of new and old releases alike of almost every genre you can think of) the place is always worth a visit if you find yourself in town, perfect to relax after coming down off the city’s walls. Continue reading

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Grunge Playlist: 10 of the Best

Grunge. What is it? Who is it? When is grunge really only a more ‘cool’ and modern cover for grandiose, heavy metal piffle? This writer knows where he’s drawing the line, and you are sure to work out where exactly this line is as much by those bands not featured as the ones that are. Continue reading

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Guided By Voices — ‘How Do You Spell Heaven’


Like the Fall, we all stopped counting the number of Guided By Voices albums sometime around 14 years ago. Unlike the Fall though Robert Pollard’s off-centre guitar rockers have semi disappeared for a few years on one or two occasions, only to return, in some form or other, out of near nowhere with a load of new material. Continue reading

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Vinyl Pickup: Echo And The Bunnymen — ‘Ocean Rain’


I picked this one up in a local second-hand vinyl store. Bit dusty during the quieter moments but otherwise still nifty.

Released 1984 ‘Ocean Rain’ saw the final instalment of the Bunnymen’s near classic era. There’s a difference of opinion regarding which of these first four LPs is the group’s finest. Hell, sometimes I change my mind on an almost daily basis. Some love the big, orchestra filled pop tunes found here, others think it borders on over-the-top pretence. Continue reading

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