Hear Houndstooth artist Second Storey’s new cut Moesha Moved To Margate

What drew our attention to this particular promo was the fact it’s getting a release via Houndstooth. This is the label that brought us that most enjoyable Call Super album ‘Suzi Ecto’ a couple of years ago, a sort of misshapen, twisty-funk psychedelic electronic record, eloquent, and strangely, slow burningly addictive.

From a few glimpses of ‘Lucid Locations’, the forthcoming LP by Alec Storey AKA Second Storey, this is sure to end up another winner of an album from the Houndstooth stable.

The release is the follow-up to 2014’s ‘Double Divide’, which was also put out by Houndstooth, and is probably extra intricate and murky compared to that record’s trip-the-light-fantastic ambient techno.

There’s a weighty, leftfield techno push on some tracks, and a more woozy, hypnotic pull on a selection of others.

The theme of the album is not just based around Storey’s “movements between the Suffolk countryside and London, but by the recurring patterns of displacement taking place in the larger world”.

We don’t assume you need to have the LP on when making the journey in question in order to enjoy the record to the max. ‘Lucid Locations’ is out on August 25.

Listen to track Moesha Moved To Margate.

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