Listen: Pye corner Audio — ‘The Spiral’, from the new EP out today on Death Waltz Originals

Whereas Boards Of Canada wrap their retro electronica in mystifying-ly sinister, turquoise coloured murkiness, Pye Corner Audio– though as much influenced by British 1970s idents and radiophonic workshop binaries and backgrounds– allow their music a certain clarity and coherency.

The group, set up by Martin Jenkins, have released music on Ghost Box (that label’s ‘In A Moment’ heavy vinyl compilation is much recommended), Front And Follow, and Dekorder.

On latest EP ‘The Spiral’ the title cut merges an eighties synth-pop sheen with drizzling, tension-filled melody suitably for a late night cop thriller theme tune from the same decade. You Hear Them throws in a fixed funk groove with Detroit like techno pads– and the net result is a bit of an A1 tune to be sure. Included here more slices of those near famous Pye Corner Audio brief sojourns into twilight synth sound-scaping.

‘The Spiral’ EP is released on 7″ double-pack and limited to 1000 copies, and is available to download from today.

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