Porter Ricks — ‘Anguilla Electrica’


Nineties dub techno pioneers Porter Ricks began their long awaiting wax dropping comeback late last year with the wonderful ‘Shadow Boat’ 3-tracker on the famed Tresor Records. As promised back then, the duo of Andy Mellwig and Thomas Koner are busy again with their first full-length in 20-odd years (who said that it’s only old shoegazers who return from the presumed near dead after two decades?)– six jolly good tracks of hollowed-out restless bass, reverberated pads, and strange spacy rumblings entitled ‘Anguilla Electrica’.

Early record standout is the possibly most body-movin’ track Shaol Beat, as much funky techno pushalong as it is industrially accessible. The looped Prismatic Error’s placid groove and sinister underbelly, comes over like a formerly workmanlike cut stripped down and pitched back to a slowburning quag, while Port of Tangency recalls the wonky electro-dub nexus, and tricky shadowplay of fellow cultish Berliners Mouse On Mars.

Indeed, there is a semi retro, semi modern sound running throughout the LP, taking the mood and groove of older-school dub-techno, and merging it with the discordant and the digitally opaque.

This is an album that’s a cut above the majority of similar sounding releases to come out in the last year or two; made with an organic inclination, and a biotic respect for that point wherein nature meets appliance.

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