Listen to The Holy Grail, a new track by Dutch techno act Ghost In The Machine via Perc Trax

As I type whilst listening to the ‘One Louder’ EP, new music by hard-hittin’ Dutch techno act Ghost In The Machine, the sky has suddenly darkened outside, giving way to several cracks of intense thunder, the rather ominous sight of a heavy downpour, the occasional glimpse of lightning, and bruising, heavy winds. It’s a fucking unseasonal storm out there. To almost biblical proportions. And yet it all seems not entirely disconnected to the burly beats and opposition-to-melody impoliteness going down over the course of these three typical sounding Perc Trax issued cuts, that do their stuff over the course of 20-odd minutes. Oh, and partner has just walked into the extra strong coffee office as the EP continues to bang away. “Did I put the microwave on? Is that the sound of a microwave?”

“Percusive workouts” according to the press release.

‘One Louder EP’ is released on July 28 via Perc Trax. Listen to headcut The Holy Grail below.


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