“In the 90’s, for the first time, it was becoming somewhat acceptable for Christian music to include more extreme genres” — Jared of Vomitface picks some choice cuts


Jared out of sludge-punks Vomitface picks a handful of albums close to his heart, LP’s that he reckons “the rest of the band would probably agree on”. The group’s ‘Another Bad Year’ EP is available now. Watch the video for ‘Never Make It’ below.

Elf Power — Winter is Coming

Andrew Rieger’s music was a huge part of my teen years. The Brain Wilson-esque pop that Elephant 6 was known for was mixed with this I-also-listen-to-the-Misfits aesthetic that I always loved about Elf Power. And Winter is Coming, in my humble opinion, was the band’s fu*king opus. From the quietly euphoric and powerful intro track to the sludgy doom-pop outro, the whole record was just insanely perfect to me. A lot of new bands that are preoccupied by their pop culture references could take notes from EP on how to blend a wide and dynamic range of influences into one seamless and cohesive style. Elf Power is really referential, surely, but recognizing those references aren’t a prerequisite for enjoying the plain good songwriting.

The Wipers — Is This Real?

Kind of a no-brainer. Rich melody inside really simple punk. Way, way, way ahead of its time. The real value of this record is that it’s so fu*king catchy and never obnoxiously so. And, of course, this is responsible for pretty much all alternative music as a whole.

Danielson Famile — Tri-Danielson!!! (Alpha)

My father was a minister, and so Christian music was always being shoved down my throat. . Tooth and Nail Records had started in Seattle around 1993 releasing a lot of Godly punk rock, and so I was given a lot of their records to check out. On a sampler compilation, I discovered Danielson. It was like this acid-induced art-folk with some of the most brilliant songwriting I had ever heard. And there was this picture of the band all dressed as nurses and holding each other’s middle fingers. I fell in love. When we recorded with Albini, who has engineered some of their earlier records, he went so far as to tell me that he considered Daniel Smith to be a “genius,” and that’s not a word Albini uses lightly.

Devo — Q: Are We Not Men? A: We are Devo!

This one may be a bit too obvious, but fuck you. Every song on this record is flawless. Glad they didn’t let Eno ruin it. I’ve been trying to get the band to develop a cover of Shrivel-Up.

Helmet — Strap It On

Shit, we still listen to tons of Helmet on tour. I discovered Helmet and subsequently a love for open tuning in 8th grade. I remember that school year really only listening to Helmet and Quicksand nonstop. Don’t care if every band I hate from the 90’s claimed them as an influence; not their fu*king fault. I think this is also where I get my habit of noisy bullshit solos from.

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