Sound Is Art #5: DJ Shadow– ‘Entroducing’



The sweeping shot showing our producer’s favourite, frequently visited downtown Sacramento record shop, simply named ‘Records’. This is the store where most if not all of the sounds sampled on ‘Entroducing’ where dug up. The original idea was a snapshot of Shadow’s very own slabs of wax as displayed, but this was quickly discarded (due to it possibly being viewed too egotistical or something?). 

Artwork vs music within:

The snapshot perfectly reps this, obviously, giving us an idea of the widescreen, eclectic richness of sounds that it both took to create the album, as much as a window into the amount of wax required in order to make the final LP a living, loving thing.

Anything else:

This from The Vinyl Factory’s piece on the many obscure records that showed up on Entroducing, therefore helping to make the LP what it is, “To many, they are less than meaningless. But to Josh Davis, they are lost souls. And, as their rescuer, he has done them an honour. Because these lost souls have a home on ‘Endtroducing’.” The still much-missed Melody Maker on the other hand said, “The album flips hip hop inside out all over again like a reversible glove, and again, and again, and each time it’s sudden and new.”

We say:

‘Entroducing’ is an album that sits alongside ‘Leftism’ and ‘Dubnobass…..’ in the timeless, crossover, crucial and classic 90s techno-produced albums shortlist. A record taking two years to piece together, made up of close to 100% sampling; using an Akai sampler and piles of vinyl (mostly obscure records and films used in process, albeit with a bit of Metallica and Bjork in there somewhere, apparently).

Full of a rich canvass of hopeful yet unsettling mood, this is a classic album, end of. Equal parts instrumental hip hop, big beat, drum n bass, funk, chill, and trip-hop. Yet all done in a way that is almost seemless. Within a year everyone was releasing similar sorta stuff; b-music ‘Entroducing’, if you will. The record needs to be put on and properly ingested in order to get its true benefit, as well as for its genius to be fully understood. Not for background.

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