Keep me away from the festival: it’s the anti festival playlist playlist, or something


Just when we thought we could all toast the lack of a Glastonbury Fest. next year along comes the BBC to use the gap year as a good time to keep their egos up, while also worrying about losing millions of viewers that particular weekend; unleashing news of their very own UK wide festival on the weekend that Glasto would normally take place. Strewth! One can only imagine how uninspiring that lineup’s gonna be. Or, better still, what the point of it all is. Such shameful weekend long back-slapping is on the cards.

Anyhooz, “Keep me away from the festival” sang Mark E Smith on 1991 track Edinburgh Man, one such gem you can find below in our ‘anti festival playlist’ thingy, which the editor has cobbled together. See if you can see what we did there. Extra Strong Coffee: Keeping you away from a festival near you. (if there indeed happens to be one, that is. Though we’re pretty darn sure that you’ll find one).

On a slightly more serious note, has the music festival– particularly the so-called ’boutique’ music festival– hit the buffer? Have we reached saturation point? Getting that mix of crowd-friendly environment, all the while happening to hit upon a certain niche setting is the trick, innit? And yet, like so much in life, things can go mightily wrong if nature has its way. Or if the paying public start to get a bit weary. Head on over to Louder Than War for a wider debate on the matter.

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