Music with a coffee #5: Pluto Shervington — ‘Dat’

Pourin’ it in a recital jive-pop stylee…

Couldn’t believe it when I discovered this one got as high as no 6 in the UK singles chart back in 1975. Imagine something the equivalent of this getting to number 6 in the singles chart in 2017. Imagine we even had a singles chart in 2017? maybe there just isn’t any of this type of thing around no more. Cracking tune this, though. Dem were dem days. They knew what they were gettin’ inter back in ’75.

Are did they?

‘Is wha’ you have in a dat dere bag?
Him kinda get frighten, and begin fi hide it beneat’ him rag
That man no fear I lord
Mek we go up me yard and take a sat
Meanwhile light a fire
I will help you eat off de pound a dat’

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