Ramones — ‘Leave Home’


Reissued on vinyl and download with a bunch of added on alternative recordings (point being?) to mark the 40th anniversary of Ramones’ second album ‘Leave Home’.

You kind of feel a touch sorry for the LP because it’s quite obviously a less celebrated and cared for record compared to its landmark, self-titled predecessor from a year before. But though the record does lack much of the personality and immediacy of said debut, it isn’t one to relinquish necessarily– even if there are elements of a band already running out of ideas. Then again, Ramones were unapologetically a fuzzed up classic rock ‘n’ roll band and nothing else.

Things are more polished, glittery and mature on What’s Your Game, while the surprisingly touching Oh Oh I Love Her So is archetypical in its scuzzy, classic era Beach Boys delivery. Meanwhile, Suzy Is A Headbanger, and Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy are one step too far in trying to recreate the feel and mood of the debut; sounding like tossed away offcuts as a result. At least Pinhead has a jerky, stop-go immediacy worthy of that influential debut; while the brazen, cocky Cammando helps to liven up the record’s latter stages, and is another standout.

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