Sound Is Art #6: Jon Hopkins — ‘Immunity’



Artwork vs music within:

Well, watching the vid above, it better have.

Anything else:

Boomkat said the music here “certainly give Hopkins’ dewy compositions some welcome momentum and forward-propulsion”. Pitchfork had it at a shockingly low 37 in their album end-of-year- list. Even more shocking when you see that Chvrches are at 36.

We say:

In an era where electronic and techno producers find it increasingly beyond them to create something subtle, organic, refreshing and new ‘Immunity’ hit all the right notes. Not somuch raised the bar as showed how low the rest where siting. Anyone can make a decently sounding, put together electronica listening record with the ready and affordable — sometimes free– software and applications, but it’s somewhat trickier to actually come up with a proper good, standalone, precise record like this one is. The fact that Hopkins went analogue at the expense of something more digital may not be a coincidence as to the LP’s warmth and naturally clicked-together feel. (Granted going analogue in itself is not a one way ticket to a good record). Restless yet soothing, dreamy yet real, and never-failing to sound both emotive and a little bit genius. Hopkins might not match the heights of ‘Immunity’ again, but the item in question is so close to perfect it would be almost impossible to expect him to.

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