Hear Burial brighten up Mønic’s Deep Summer

3D future dub taking in breath intake, crackles of old 78s, ghostly-beautiful chanting, and those always eerie-sounding windchimes. This rather interesting, steadily encircling, and slightly more charmingly fine-drawn Burial rework of Mønic’s ‘Mezzanine’ like, unsettling ambient-chiller Deep Summer, is an altogether dreamlike and not entirely fathomable piece of music indeed. Whatever we’re trying to say here, we don’t claim to describe the track as well as online retail specialists Boomkat did: “….Perfectly capturing the lucid sleepwalking momentum and frayed socio-cultural fabric of Britain right now in the gauziest, impressionistic terms, replete with an updraft of balearic guitar in the closing stages perhaps predicting our mass exodus to a Ballardian super-city along the mediterranean coast.” Now, if that isn’t record review of the year then we can’t possibly claim to know what is.

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