Ramones — ‘Leave Home’


Reissued on vinyl and download with a bunch of added on alternative recordings (point being?) to mark the 40th anniversary of Ramones’ second album ‘Leave Home’. Continue reading

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Sound Is Art #6: Jon Hopkins — ‘Immunity’



Artwork vs music within:

Well, watching the vid above, it better have. Continue reading

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Music with a coffee #6: Pulsinger — ‘Staub’

Pourin’ it in an acid techno kibble stylee…

Typical nineties acid techno / house music gem that pushes along majestically. Look out for those crucial melodic bits that show up occasionally. Wondeful ending, too. Pulsinger must have been taking lessons from the mighty New Order in how to finish off a track with a bit of left field ‘hope you’re all still awake at the back?’ noise. Patrick Pulsinger is a Vienna based producer and has released music for such labels as R&S and Disko B.

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Drum ‘n’ bass on the John Peel show: a decade of mysterious and magical soundz


It was sometime around the middle part of 1994 that I first came into contact with drum ‘n’ bass, via John Peel on Radio 1. Initial reaction: “this is great. what is this shit??!!”

John’s then weekend-delivered shows were, I believe, operating between Friday 10pm and 1am, then another couple of hours Saturday afternoon, to coincide with the footy, obviously. Occasionally getting a ‘music celeb’ on air to talk about how his / her team got on that afternoon. I guess nowadays they’d all have to wait around til Sunday. Continue reading

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Shellac — ‘At Action Park’


Shellac’s first full-length ‘At Action Park’ released October 1994 is their finest. Ten songs clocking in at 37 minutes. Perfect. It sounds generally charged and full of sugar compared to what was to come from the group. It all sounds live and, well, pretty much feverishly hot. Not always conventional in structure, but the record does have a certain tightly clicked flow and tempo. Continue reading

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Music with a coffee #5: Pluto Shervington — ‘Dat’

Pourin’ it in a recital jive-pop stylee…

Couldn’t believe it when I discovered this one got as high as no 6 in the UK singles chart back in 1975. Imagine something the equivalent of this getting to number 6 in the singles chart in 2017. Imagine we even had a singles chart in 2017? maybe there just isn’t any of this type of thing around no more. Cracking tune this, though. Dem were dem days. They knew what they were gettin’ inter back in ’75.

Are did they?

‘Is wha’ you have in a dat dere bag?
Him kinda get frighten, and begin fi hide it beneat’ him rag
That man no fear I lord
Mek we go up me yard and take a sat
Meanwhile light a fire
I will help you eat off de pound a dat’

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Could do better: those Fall LPs that left us all a little worried


First, a disclaimer: John Peel once said regarding Fall LPs, “it might not always be what you want, but it’s still the Fall”. Worth keeping that in mind despite a little carping, below. Continue reading

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Music with a coffee #4: The Mighty Avengers — So Much In Love

From 1964 and released on Decca the Jagger, Richards composition So Much In Love is perfect pop of the mid 60s monophonic beatnik sort. Surprising to find that it only reached a high of number 46 in the UK singles chart. The group split less than a couple of years later having failed to land a hit with several further singles. Great name for a band, though. As for the track’s writers, no one knows what became of them.

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Keep me away from the festival: it’s the anti festival playlist playlist, or something


Just when we thought we could all toast the lack of a Glastonbury Fest. next year along comes the BBC to use the gap year as a good time to keep their egos up, while also worrying about losing millions of viewers that particular weekend; unleashing news of their very own UK wide festival on the weekend that Glasto would normally take place. Strewth! One can only imagine how uninspiring that lineup’s gonna be. Or, better still, what the point of it all is. Such shameful weekend long back-slapping is on the cards. Continue reading

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Music with a coffee #3: Misanthrop — ‘Liar’

Pourin’ it in a barbed and broken drum n bass stylee…

Played on John Peel August 2002 the ‘Els / Liar’ 12″ was released same year on Armour Plated. It’s a crunching, frisky rhythm maker to be sure. Misanthrop is one Michael Bräuninger outta Stuttgart, and as far as we’re aware is still plugging away. This particular cut one of his early gems.

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