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Autechre — ‘Oversteps’

Once you shove the disc into the machine it’s a good minute before anything audible creeps out of the speakers. And even this is a slowly approaching electro cinematicpiece of music, with a tagged-on scratchily irritated, muffled beat. A somewhat curious, … Continue reading

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Hear Burial brighten up Mønic’s Deep Summer

3D future dub taking in breath intake, crackles of old 78s, ghostly-beautiful chanting, and those always eerie-sounding windchimes. This rather interesting, steadily encircling, and slightly more charmingly fine-drawn Burial rework of Mønic’s ‘Mezzanine’ like, unsettling ambient-chiller Deep Summer, is an … Continue reading

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Sound Is Art #6: Jon Hopkins — ‘Immunity’

Background: Artwork vs music within: Well, watching the vid above, it better have.

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Richard D James adds all of his music to one site for streaming and purchasing

With release of the album ‘Syro’ in 2014 (a record that mainly displays the producer’s penchant for hectic, acidulous beat-making, and one this writer has returned to many times, still finding it a curiously frustrating item), Richard D James began … Continue reading

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I say that I’ve never really been much of a fan of his music, though “I did once purchase ‘Peggy Suicide’ on cassette”

Bumping into an old buddy in a record shop this week we got chatting casually about music, as you’re almost inclined to. He was picking up an early Julian Cope CD. I tell him that I’ve never really been much … Continue reading

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Listen: Pye corner Audio — ‘The Spiral’, from the new EP out today on Death Waltz Originals

Whereas Boards Of Canada wrap their retro electronica in mystifying-ly sinister, turquoise coloured murkiness, Pye Corner Audio– though as much influenced by British 1970s idents and radiophonic workshop binaries and backgrounds– allow their music a certain clarity and coherency. The … Continue reading

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The genre they named IDM: we choose its 10 best LPs

“Intelligent” dance music assumes there’s such as thing as ‘stupid’ dance music. There’s also a snobbish assumption to the name that many attached (and still attach) to the genre– that Warp Records originally dubbed “electronic listening music” for their original … Continue reading

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Manchester indie tracks: we pick 10 corkers from Joy Division to Trus’me

Looking at my CD collection (what is left of it that hasn’t been culled and handed over to the Care In the Community), boxed vinyl (some old, some new, some reissues, some blue…. vinyl), and download list on my Macbook … Continue reading

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